PHOTOS, VIDEO: Ride the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind on Pixar Pier, Now Open at Disney California Adventure

After months of tracking construction and detailing on this upcoming spinner attraction, we can’t say we aren’t a bit… emotional about this opening. That’s right, we are overjoyed to announce that Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind has finally soft-opened to guests today at Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure!


Let’s walk you up toward and around the new attraction so you get a feel for how the area’s been transformed to welcome it.

New, freeform benches and stools are just outside the attraction in a cute, pink- and purple-fenced courtyard.

We’re suckers for new themed trash cans. These feature polka dots in the colors of the orbs on the attraction.

Back on over to near where the entrance is, Joy and Sadness welcome guests alongside the attraction sign, featuring the same mechanical flower elements you’ll see scattered across the attraction:

Also a mood. Sadness is so adorable.

Guests enter the queue after passing by a smaller memory orb wall featuring Disgust.

While the attraction doesn’t feature any animatronics, these figures are really nicely sculpted and designed.

You can catch a really neat view of the attraction from down here.

Even more signage as you enter the queue. Wait times are low despite the ride’s capacity, generally due to short ride times.

Do you meet the height requirement? Don’t Panic!

All along the queue area are these fun poster advertisements, like the “Train of Thought” (Tours Now Leaving) and Cloud Town, where you can get carried away…

The upper part of the queue does offer some shade.

Baskets fit up to four passengers, possibly five with small children. While the baskets may seem small from the ground, they’re actually quite wide and spacious.

You get to pick which basket you ride in, and they’re all themed after Inside Out characters.

I’m partial to Anger’s basket, engulfed in flames.

Once the orbs are in flight, it’s pretty whimsical to watch them spin about.

The base of the spinner also houses some memory orbs.

On your way out, you can see the great big wall of memory orbs. We really wish they could’ve added an element of dimensionality by making these actually move around with the attraction.

Overall, this attraction was a much-needed upgrade to Flik’s Flyers. (Click here for a POV ridethrough of the now-extinct Bug’s Life attraction.) We honestly underestimated how cute this attraction would be. The references to the movie were on point, not to mention it’s a very smooth flight and feels very high up, offering nice views of Pixar Pier.

Each flight has different characters talking. We got to hear Disgust, the Mind Workers, and even Sadness with the safety spiel. That gives it an element of variation which should keep this from getting boring (that is, until it’s replaced by another IP) and ups the repeatability a bit.

For our full walkthrough of the queue and POV attraction ridethrough, check out our video below!