PHOTOS, VIDEO: “Tale of the Lion King” Outdoor Show Debuts, Kicking Off “The Lion King” Celebration at Disney California Adventure

Hakuna Matata! “The Lion King” Celebration has officially kicked off today at Disney California Adventure.

This celebration of the classic ’90s animated film will take place daily from June 7 to September 2, 2019. Throughout the day, a traveling troupe of storytellers will treat guests to a new outdoor show called “Tale of the Lion King.”

The troupe celebrates The Lion King in story, song, and dance, inviting everyone to join in. The fun continues with music, colorful craft activities and more, honoring the spirit of Africa.

The new show takes place at Paradise Gardens Park on the Palisades Stage and features a cast of 18 performers, including actors, singers, dancers, and drummers. They form an ensemble called the Storytellers of the Pride Lands. And they ain’t no passing craze, that’s for sure.

The stage is set for the Tale of the Lion King!

The show begins, of course, a rendition of “Circle of Life”.

Followed by “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”.

Then, an ominous stampede scene takes place.

Timon and Pumbaa are also portrayed in the show.

Simba and Nala perform “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”

Finally, Simba defeats Scar. (Spoiler alert.)

Simba and Nala are then crowned as king and queen of the Pride Lands.

Overall, we were so impressed with the show. The performances, including all the singing and acting, were simply incredible. It was funny, yet emotional (just like the animated film) and they hit all the great moments from the film that make it a classic.

It’s so well produced, and I’d watch this again and again, despite how long it is. There was a huge crowd of people in attendance and everyone was very into it. Also, during Hakuna Matata, the dancers brought children into the performance and taught them dance moves, giving the show a great interactive element.

Check out our full video of “Tale of the Lion King” at Disney California Adventure below!

“The Lion King” Celebration is kicking off just in time for the new live-action The Lion King movie, releasing in theaters on July 19. And the animated film celebrates its 25 year anniversary this month. Be sure to celebrate by checking out “Tale of the Lion King” during your next trip to Disney California Adventure.