PHOTOS: Yoda Ears Youth Headband Spotted at Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland

Look fashionable, you must. If you want your little one to look like the wise green Jedi master himself, look no further than these Yoda Ear headbands. We’ve seen BB-8 and R2-D2 headbands, but this one wins for its simplicity, not to mention how cute little kids will look in these.

The ears are a plastic foam material, attached to a clear headband by felt bands. I love that they even included… Yoda’s silvery ear hairs? It’s adorable in a way only things in this particular fandom would be.

We found a rack full of them inside the Star Wars Launch Bay, where you can also find select Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening season merch. These have Galaxy’s Edge logo tags, but we haven’t actually spotted them anywhere inside the land.

The headbands cost $29.99 and are a great way to Yoda-bound, although Padawans ages 14 and younger are allowed to go in costume, so why not go all out and dress your little Jedi creature in full robe regalia?