Celebrate Disneyland’s Anniversary with Disneyland Resort Exclusive Music on WDWNTunes!

This July 17th, WDWNTunes is your land as we celebrate the Disneyland Resort “Uniques”!

wdwntunes disneyland resort originals

64 years ago, Disneyland opened, bringing with it a new age in the history theme parks in general. And though it seems like the company doesn’t really care that much about the park’s history, we here at WDWNTunes wanted to pay a loving tribute to this, one of (if not the) most important days in Disney Parks history.

But we wanted to do something different: we’re dedicating July 17th to the Disneyland Resort ‘Uniques’. What does that mean? It means you’ll only listen to attractions and entertainment unique to the Disneyland Resort! It’s our way of celebrating what makes this little resort… well.. unique!

That’s right. No Splash Mountain, no Haunted Mansion, no Soarin’ and no Toy Story Midway Mania. For 24 hours, the Disneyland Resort ‘Uniques’ will take over WDWNTunes: attractions from the present and the past, as well as area music that’s unique to Anaheim! Only on July 17th! And why not join in the celebration by telling us either here, on Twitter or Facebook what is your favorite unique attraction at the Disneyland Resort?

Here’s how you can tune in:

A selection of ways you can listen to WDWNTunes, innoventions.

So come listen to the uniques, only on WDWNTunes!