Radio Free Disneyland Returns in Shorter Form as “Dispatch from Radio Free Disneyland” Premieres on WDWNT

Ultimately, this is a whole new class of Disney podcast. It moves beyond the “two or three people with mics” formula, to a work of art, that can be listened to again and again.” – Cmfolsom

The record is normal-sized. The worker, though, is very small in order to facilitate the miniaturization of DISPATCH.

Legions of recording workers, at an undisclosed location, are hard at work miniaturizing Radio Free Disneyland podcasts into DISPATCH From Radio Free Disneyland, as the unique, high-concept Play-Cast premiering on WDWNT.

Only the name is longer. The shows, all brand-new, will be about half the previous length, but will still be full of Disney history, facts, fun, and fancy. Sometimes with a back-beat.

Four new Play-Casts are scheduled to be released over the coming months. The first of these dropped earlier this week!

Cars 33 1/3 – There has never been a shortage of songs about the automobile. And this episode proves that rule. From romantic mobile encounters, to L.A. Gridlock, to long, lonesome roads. Check your oil before you start this Playcast.

Walt Disney and the Olympics of Progress – A musical visit to the 1964-65 New York World’s with an emphasis on the four shows created by Walt Disney Imagineering.

Americaland – A tasty visit to what certainly must have been Walt Disney’s favorite U.S. city: New Orleans, Louisiana. And, the Disneyland district that it inspired. Bring an appetite and some dancing shoes.

Nixon at the Contemporary – One of the 37th President’s most illustrious public comments was made at an appearance at Walt Disney World. Guess what is was.

And as before, we always reach longer and dig deeper on our Show Notes Pages. The usual detail and background will still be in attendance.

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