PHOTOS: New Gold Alex and Ani Disney Parks Designer Collection Ears To Debut July 5th

If you thought the first of the Disney Parks Designer Collection, a pair of $78 Harveys Minnie ears were expensive, hang on tight. The next installment in designer duds is commissioned by the Disney Parks Collection jewelry powerhouse Alex and Ani, and the ears are a cool $178, or a whopping $39 more than a Disney Villains After Hours ticket. An article by Bustle brought us all the details:

What could warrant such a price tag? Well, the gilded ears feature a gold heart and bow, as well as a filigree design on each ear.

There’s even a middle comb to keep the unwieldy clunk of metal fastened safely to your scalp.

While these ears are undoubtedly gorgeous, they inevitably evoke memories of having my hair pulled from metal hair clips. Unless they’ve wrought these with extremely supple gold-plated steel, I can’t imagine these would be comfortable in the least. Maybe for a photo shoot? What’s spending $200 on an Instagram post these days, anyway?


It’s nice that they engraved the sides with inspirational quotes like “Listen With Your Heart” and “Follow Your Path”.

Ever After Jewelry Co. has already announced the launch of the next design in the Disney Parks Designer Collection. The Alex and Ani design is set to release on July 5th at Disney Springs, with a special merchandise event from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Alex and Ani Disney Designer Collection

As for me, I’m waiting for the cute Disney Parks classic attractions ears on the left.

If you’re bent on having these (be it for display or for fashion), do note that all Disney Parks Designer Collection releases have sold out quickly. Upon release, they should be available at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, and on shopDisney.

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