REVIEW: New Seasonal Sour Cherry Beignets at Mint Julep Bar in Disneyland Park

More seasonal food has dropped at Disneyland Resort. This time, we are at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square for some beignets. These sugary beauties are topped with “sour cherry flavored sugar” and available in orders of 3 or 6. We’ve had quite a few beignets offered this year and these hit the spot on a hot summer day.

Seasonal Sour Cherry Beignets – 3 for $5.49/6 for $8.99

Be sure to shake these well upon getting your bag so your warm beignets can soak up the sugary fun.

Much better. If you are expecting a strong punch in the face of sour cherry here, you won’t find it. These were, however, still enjoyable and we were happy they weren’t actually super sour.

As with all beignets, these are served warm and end up making a powdered sugar mess, but it’s totally worth it. The beignet itself is just the normal Disneyland pastry, but it is the cherry-infused sugar that makes these special. Honestly, if we didn’t know it was cherry, we wouldn’t have guessed that, as it just had a generic berry taste to it. And even with a whole bag of sugar to shake these in, they were not too sweet.

So overall, these are a nice summer addition. The sour cherry label is definitely misleading as nothing about these was overly cherry and couldn’t find a hint or sourness, but regardless these were still tasty. Will you be grabbing a bag of these on your next trip?