PHOTOS: New Glow in the Dark Haunted Mansion Ear Headbands Haunt Their Way Into Disneyland Park

A new pair of Haunted Mansion mouse ear headbands have hit the shelves at Disneyland and they are grim, grinning, and fantastic. Featuring many Haunted Mansion references, including the the singing busts and wallpaper, these are a must-buy for any Haunted Mansion fan!

The front of the ears feature the Hitchhiking Ghost, the Caretaker Silas Crump, and Master Gracey’s tomb. In lieu of a bow, you have a whole row of Singing Busts.

The ears are even double-sided in the sense that they have different designs on the back. The Haunted Mansion logo is topped with a raven on one ear with a skull and the “Let me out!” corpse from the Endless Hallway scene.

If you look closer, you might even catch some other references, as well.

These ears retail for $27.99 and were found at the Emporium at Disneyland Park. As a special feature of sorts, they even glow in the dark!

What do you think of these new Haunted Mansion ears? Other Haunted Mansion ears recently released include the ones by Walt Disney Imagineer and the face of Madame Leota in Haunted Mansion Holiday, Kim Irvine.