PHOTOS: New Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Hitchhiking Ghost Gus Beignet Holder Joins the Swinging Wake at Disneyland

Here lies good ol’ Gus. He wanted to join the swinging wake along with Phineas and his popcorn bucket shenanigans, so he did.

Over at the Mint Julep Bar, you can now get this Gus beignet… holder? It’s definitely an innovation in snack buckets.

See, they didn’t even approach the wording in the sign. It just says “Gus Dessert”. You can have the Gus Beignet Holder for $21.99, which includes a bag of 3 beignets, or go all out and get 6 beignets with the holder for $24.99.

Similar to the Phineas bucket, the beignet holder features light-up elements.

All because he missed his bus.

On the back is his tombstone, which extends out to hold your beignets.

This… this should do.

There, now you have the ultimate ghostly duo… but there’s one dismaying observation… there’s a hitchhiking ghost missing! Where’s Ezra? We’ll have to line up at the next stand and find out what snack contraption he’s doomed for.