PHOTOS: New 50th Anniversary Haunted Mansion Tumbler and Mugs Hitch a Ride at Disney California Adventure

Do you make coffee that can raise the dead? Looking for the perfect beverage holder for that swinging wake-up? A new tumbler and mugs themed to The Haunted Mansion might do the trick.

We found these vessels at Julius Katz & Sons at Disney California Adventure, but we expect that they’ll materialize elsewhere around the Disneyland Resort. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Hitchhiking Ghosts “Going Our Way?” Tumbler ($22.99)

Going their way? This mug features Phineas, Ezra, and Gus looking for a ride. Now, these ghosts can follow you home! (And hold your choice of beverage.)

Groundskeeper “Not a Mourning Person” Mug ($19.99)

This mug features the Groundskeeper (and his equally petrified pooch) with the phrases “Not a Mourning Person,” and “Urn Your Rest at the Haunted Mansion.” That’s some deadly good wordplay.

Disappearing/Reappearing Hatbox Ghost Mug ($22.99)

But perhaps the coolest new item is this new heat-sensitive mug featuring the Hatbox Ghost. As you pour in a hot beverage, this Gracey Manor resident’s face appears on the mug!

That’s a pretty neat trick, especially for anyone who loves the residents of this macabre mansion. It makes a perfect gift for anyone celebrating a special occasion. (Perhaps a 50th birthday?)


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