PHOTOS, VIDEO: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Dressed as Captain America and Spider-Gwen Marvel Meet and Greet Debuts in Disney California Adventure

Just last week, Disney announced a special assortment of Marvel themed events taking place in Disney California Adventure to help celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary. Among the offerings was the addition of new, cosplaying character meet and greets, sporting outfits that harken back to their favorite Marvel characters or superheroes. Today, over in Hollywood Land, we spotted Mickey and Minnie cosplaying old and new favorite Marvel characters!

mickey mouse captain america minnie mouse spider gwen marvel 80th

Minnie Mouse is showcasing Spider-Gwen, who became a rather new favorite after Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse came out last year. Mickey Mouse is cosplaying as the all American classic, Captain America. A true fit for him as both Captain America and Mickey Mouse are America’s treasured characters.

The cosplaying characters are a limited-time offering, with meet and greets taking place through September 2nd. If you’ve followed along the Disney-Marvel saga, you’ll know that this is actually a rare opportunity, as approval for Marvel-outfitted Disney characters as been a longwinded fight for many years.

It appears that for now, only one character or set of characters will be out each day. Yesterday, we found Donald meeting in a very appropriate Hulk , and the day before, we saw Chip and Dale as Thor and Loki, respectively.

If you can’t “thwip” to Disney California Adventure to see these two, make sure to check out our meet and greet in the video below: