REVIEW: Limited Time Main Street Electrical Parade Cake at Plaza Inn in Disneyland Park

In honor of the Main Street Electrical Parade returning to Disneyland Park, there were a variety of new foods offered to celebrate. Plaza Inn has the “Main Street Electrical Parade” cake which is a colorful vanilla sponge cake with mixed berry marmalade, cream cheese frosting, sprinkles, and a chocolate decoration.

“Main Street Electrical Parade” Cake – $5.99

I’m happy to say this cake is as delicious as it is fun. The serving size was generous, so at that price, we would definitely get this again. Apparently this is popular as it was sold out by 7:00 PM on day one.

Just look at those layers of amazing goodness. This cake was light and not too sweet. The cream cheese frosting was the perfect pairing for the moist layers of cake. The chocolate piece on top was simple milk chocolate.

Layer upon layer of picture-worthy goodness. As advertised, this was simple vanilla cake, light on the frosting with a light smear of the berry marmalade. The berry taste is very light and not at all overwhelming, but adds enough of a different taste to keep you wanting more.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to grab a slice of this on your next trip. You won’t be disappointed.

The only nitpicky thing we could find was that we were light on sprinkles. But this did not deter us from loving this beauty. You can check out our reviews of the Main Street Electrical savory food offerings here.