REVIEW: Savory Main Street Electrical Parade Offerings at Refreshment Corner in Disneyland Park

The Main Street Electrical Parade is back in Disneyland Park is celebrating with a variety of new food offerings. The Refreshment Corner on Main Street has three food options: the Firefly Hot Dog, Firefly Chips, and the Chili Mac Bread Bowl.

Chili Mac Bread Bowl – $11.49

This is your standard Disneyland sourdough bread bowl filled with chili and then topped with creamy mac ‘n’ cheese and topped with even more cheese. This was good. For the price point, we’d say it’s a splurge, but it was good.

The mac ‘n’ cheese was melty and cheesy. It did not have a ton of flavor on its own, but when mixed and paired with the chili, it was good.

Be sure to mix this up well and grab that chili on the bottom. The chili had good flavor and wasn’t spicy at all.

The bread bowl itself was a bit tough to eat, but if you are committed, it can be done.

Simply put, this was a simple dish that Disney managed to keep simple. Which is good. Kids would enjoy this, as would adults on a hot day.

Firefly Chips – $4.59

Let’s just call this what it is, a Frito Boat. This is a bag of “fireflies” aka Frito chips topped with chili, cheese and jalapenos. We asked to get the jalapenos on the side, to distribute the heat as needed.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. This is the perfect, portable snack that both adults and kids would be happy with. The bag it comes in can be carried on the go or you can hold it while you wait for the parade.

Do mix everything when you get it so that the cheese can melt and the chili can be mixed into the chips.

The chili is simple, but has decent flavor. For the price, this could be shared or enjoyed solo and as a quick and cheap snack. We will definitely be grabbing this again for a park snack.

Firefly Hot Dog – $11.99

With two hits, there had to be one miss. And it is not that the hot dog was bad, there just wasn’t enough topping to make this worth $12.

As per most hot dogs of the month at Refreshment Corner, the snappy hot dog far exceeds the bun. We get the same chili and and cheese that has been on all the MSEP food, but we are just lacking in chili here.

If you are looking for a bun with a side of stringy cheese, then this is it. Hopefully others will have more luck with a better chili-to-cheese to hot dog to bun ratio.

It just looks so promising, but we can’t get past the endless amounts of plain, dry bun.

So we’d say order at your own risk here. Maybe ask for extra chili with a smile.

What Main Street Electrical Parade snacks will you be trying?