Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Thermal Detonator Coca-Cola Bottles Banned by TSA; No Longer Permitted on Checked or Carry-On Luggage

Just earlier today, we remarked on the popularity and successful marketing of the ever-popular Coca-Cola products sold at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in both Disneyland and soon, Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The bottles are designed to look like the thermal detonator grenades used by bounty hunters and stormtroopers across the Star Wars movie franchise, and are great souvenirs for many travelers to Batuu. Just today, we caught a glimpse of a new themed Coca-Cola cart, complete with a themed Coca-Cola R5 series droid at the helm.

Turns out if you’re planning on flying one of those bad boys home, you might run into some issue with the First Order––I mean, the TSA. In a recent piece by the Orange County Register, it appears the Transportation Security Administration has banned the bottles on the grounds of looking like replicas of the real thing:

“TSA officials confirmed that the souvenir collectible Coke bottles exclusively available in the new Star Wars lands are prohibited on U.S. flights because they look like replica explosives.

“Replica items are not allowed on aircraft,” said TSA spokesperson Jim Gregory.

In a response to an online inquiry, the official AskTSA Twitter account replied that the Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles were prohibited on flights because “replica and inert explosives aren’t allowed in either carry-on or checked bags.”

The Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles could cause confusion for TSA screeners at airport security checkpoints, Gregory said.

“It could create concern that it’s the real thing,” Gregory said in a phone interview.”

We’ve had luck so far bringing these thermal detonator bottles home, but that was before this official announcement, so do keep that in mind in case you’re trying to transport these via airline. Lightsabers and Droids while clunky, are TSA approved and may be packed in carry-on or checked luggage.