FuelRod Kiosks at Disney Parks Being Changed to Remove “Free Unlimited Swapping” Graphic; Future Charge for Swapping Possible

Since their arrival at Disney Parks, park guests have turned to countless trusted FuelRod kiosks for their first $30 FuelRod starter kit and enjoyed years of unlimited, free swapping once the battery ran out.

However, FuelRod kiosks at Disney Parks have started to see the “Free Unlimited Swapping” graphic be removed. You may remember that Disney Parks are one of the last few places where you can swap your FuelRod for free.

A FuelRod kiosk in Disneyland Park. (Image Credit: @Hastin on Twitter)

Many airports and other tourist destinations, including nearby theme parks, charge a nominal fee to swap your FuelRod. So, a change in policy for free swaps at Disney Parks would be a major adjustment for many guests who rely on FuelRods to keep their devices charged during their day.

Currently, FuelRod kiosks throughout Walt Disney World still show the “Free Unlimited Swapping” signage.

Another possibility is that the graphic is being updated to indicate that free unlimited swapping is not available at every FuelRod kiosk around the world.

At this time, it is not known the fate of FuelRods at Disney Parks, so stay tuned to WDWNT as this story develops.

Image Credit: @hastin on Twitter