PHOTO REPORT: Disney California Park 9/28/19 (Halloween Character Greetings, Average Wait Times, New FuelRod Signage, and More!)

As the weekend rolls around and the weather cools off, we see Disneyland Resort becoming quite crowded. While crowds were high at Disney California Adventure, most wait times remained relatively normal. Characters and shows seemed to draw people in more than attractions.

disney california adventure
Walkways were full around 6 p.m.
grizzly river run
Although temperatures are dropping, the rafts on Grizzly River Run are still full.

New Halloween Outfits for Mickey and Friends

halloween Mickey
Mickey shows his new bat cape.

Minnie and mickey halloween

Minnie and mickey halloween
Minnie stops by to say hello in her new Halloween dress.
daisy halloween
Daisy was the only other character that was out in her Halloween outfit.

Fuel Rod Update

fuel rod
In our last update, you could see that some of the fuel rod stations around Disneyland Resort still showed free swapping. The station in Pixar Pier now shows “Swappable.”

Pixarmonic Band Showtimes Removed

dca sign
Showtimes removed for the Pixarmonic Orchestra.
Joy still meets with guest on the stage.

Wait Times at Disney California Adventure

radiator springs racers
55 minutes for Radiator Springs Racers, an average wait time for this attraction. Single rider line was empty.
Toy story midway
Toy Story Midway Mania also held an average time, at 45 minutes.
emotional whirlwind
The Inside-Out Emotional Whirlwind is still popular with guests since the opening almost 2 months ago. It was a 30-minute wait.

Plaza de la Familia

The Coco-themed area was full of people eating, taking pictures, and watching live entertainment today.
Mexican show
The “Love is Eternal” mariachi show played around 7:00 PM today and entertained many guests eating.

Halloween events have brought many people back into Disney California Adventure. Wait times remained normal, and there were many new things to see and do!

Stay tuned for the next Disney California Adventure photo report as we continue checking in on all the latest offerings and changes!