PHOTO REPORT: Downtown Disney 9/15/19 (Halloween Pumpkins, Oogie Boogie Cake Display, and Ursula Takes Over Paradise Pier Hotel!)

With the new pedestrian bridge now open, it is easy to stroll through Downtown Disney on your way to Disneyland. Downtown Disney has also gotten in the Halloween spirit with some festive pumpkin displays.

Downtown Disney District

Coming from the Disneyland Hotel side, the pumpkins start off in pretty basic orange.

We even get pumpkins up on the hill.

As we approach Tortilla Joe’s, things get more interesting with some colorful striped pumpkins.

I’m glad they kept the deconstructed sculptures of characters that come into shape as you walk around them. Goofy looks thrilled in this pumpkin patch.

Near Splitsville, we have colorful pumpkins that look like lollipops.

The Daisy statue sits here.

Across from WonderGround we have Donald and his rainbow patch of pumpkins.

Our favorite display is Pluto trying to reach Chip and Dale holding their Disneyland “D” pumpkin.

Across from the Grand Californian entrance is this simple display of orange, green, and yellow pumpkins.

Some of these were even sparkly.

We also have these white splattered pumpkins.

Lastly, we have this pumpkin patch where they look like candy corn and those really old school candies that looked like pumpkins with the green top.

Even the light post get floral displays to look like candy corn.

Grand Californian

For the moment, it looks like you can still swap your FuelRod for free at the Grand Californian lobby.

In case the giant gingerbread house inside the Holiday Haunted Mansion wasn’t enough, swing by the Grand Californian to check out this giant Oogie Boogie Cake.

We couldn’t find all 13 Hidden Mickeys (maybe you can), but the amount of ingredients used is impressive.

He even has worms coming out of his mouth as he swings his dice.

If you are here on a Wednesday or Saturday and are interested in hearing about this amazing creation, swing by from 3-3:30pm.

Finally, let’s head to the Paradise Pier Hotel lobby to check our their giant Ursula display.

Paradise Pier Hotel

This massive display takes up a good portion of the lobby area. Ursula takes up two stories.

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through the hotels and Downtown Disney. There is plenty to do and see around Disneyland Resort that doesn’t require park admission. What is your favorite Halloween display?