PHOTOS: First Look at New Haunted Mansion Holiday Disney Parks Wishables Plush Collection for October

Kidnap the Wishables! Stuff them in a bag!

That’s right, if you recognize this sinister set of adorable plush, you’ll know that this upcoming month’s Wishables collection is dedicated to none other than the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay themed after “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

While the famed, fan-favorite overlay is a Disneyland Park exclusive, these Nightmare Before Christmas characters are beloved by all… and here they’re presented with an adorable holiday twist!

The collection features Oogie Boogie (complete with Santa beard) as the stand-alone plush, but you can also find Zero, Jack Skellington, Scary Teddy, and the Giant Snake in the blind bags.

Each plush, be it Oogie Boogie or blind bag, retails for $9.99, making it irresistible not to “just buy another” for the thrill of unveiling another blind bag surprise. I always like the odd ones in these collections, so naturally I’ll be on the lookout for the Giant Snake.

These were put out temporarily at Disney Springs ahead of their planned 10/2 release, but you can now look forward to seeing them make it onto the shelves at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as shopDisney, in just a few days.