PHOTOS: Latest Update on Tomorrowland “French Fry” Rocks Entrance Construction at Disneyland Park

Since August, we have seen major contruction walls up at the entrance of Tomorrowland. The famous “french fry” rocks have been inviting guests into Tomorrowland for over 30 years at the Disneyland Park. While the walls have slowly shifted locations over the past few months, we still can still see one thing, no more rocks.

French fry rock construction disneyland

As you can see, the new entrance is underway. A small path is still available for guests to use. This has been very convenient while The Main Street Electrical Parade is occurring. This is not the final spot that needs work, as there are still rocks to the right that will need to be removed.

French fry rocks

The walls that are up closer to Main Street have been up for the past two months. We can see that the land being leveled out.

French fry rocks

As we saw with the Adventureland entrance expansion, the new space has made it much easier to enter the area. We hope that the new Tomorrowland entrance has the same effect.

Will you miss the old entrance, or are you excited to see what is coming?