PHOTOS: New Arendelle Aqua Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket Arrives at Disneyland Park

The cold heat wave never bothered me anyway. If there’s one reason to head over to Disneyland now (actually, please go to Disneyland, there are no crowds) it’s for this amazing new Arendelle Aqua popcorn bucket.

Just released as part of the full Arendelle Aqua collection, you can now pick up your very own Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket for $15.00 at the popcorn carts around the hub at Disneyland Park.

Between the Mickey Pumpkin Balloon Popcorn Buckets and the new Arendelle Aqua ones, the popcorn carts could not look anymore cheerful.

I love the strap on this one, too. It’s a sky blue with bright yellow-orange popcorn kernels scattered about. The balloon itself is almost a mint green color in the sun, but its clear acrylic exterior and subtle Mickey print on the front make it an instant classic.

Will you be heading over to Disneyland for this bucket? You can check out our full Arendelle Aqua merchandise tour post here.