PHOTOS: New DuckTales Merchandise Collection Arrives at Disneyland Park

We can’t get enough of all this throwback merchandise featuring some of our favorite characters. Today, we happened to spot some brand new merchandise for DuckTales (woo-oo!) at Fortuosity Shop on Main Street in Disneyland Park. Let’s take a closer look at all the new items that are leaving us in a duck-blur!

New DuckTales Merchandise Arrives at Disneyland Park

DuckTales V-Neck Shirt – $34.99

DuckTales V-Neck Shirt - $34.99

This new DuckTales lightweight v-neck features Huey, Dewey and Louie front and center, with of course the famous “woo-oo” right underneath them.

Scrooge McDuck Long Sleeve Shirt – $44.99

Scrooge McDuck Long Sleeve Shirt - $44.99

This long sleeve pullover shirt features Scrooge McDuck etched in gold on the center, with his eyes on his one true love, money. The DuckTales logo sits right on the brim of his hat. The cuffs and base of this shirt feature a navy and gold-trimmed stripes to complete the look.

LoungeFly DuckTales Purse – $65.00

LoungeFly DuckTales Purse - $65.00 

This LoungeFly purse comes with a long adjustable strap to make this perfect for carrying throughout your day at the park.

LoungeFly DuckTales Purse - $65.00 

Huey, Dewey and Louie are featured prominently with a rather innocent expression on their face, which frankly, I’m not buying, given how much trouble these three get into. However, the attention to detail here is incredible. Their shirts and hats are made out of the faux leather, while their beaks and eyes are stitched in. The coolest part is that their fur is actually faux fur, adding an extra pop to the characters.

LoungeFly DuckTales Purse - $65.00 

The LoungeFly and Disney logo are on the back of this striped purse.

LoungeFly DuckTales Purse - $65.00 

There’s even a little money bag keychain attached to remind us all of Uncle Scrooge’s love of money.

LoungeFly Scrooge McDuck Backpack – $80.00

LoungeFly Scrooge McDuck Backpack - $80.00

There’s no denying that this backpack is perfect for all Uncle Scrooge fans! The bright blue of his outfit helps make the face of Scrooge pop out front and center.

LoungeFly Scrooge McDuck Backpack - $80.00

The back features adjustable straps in the same bright blue color, along with a faux leather handle on top that can be hidden from the front by Scrooge’s hat.

LoungeFly Scrooge McDuck Backpack - $80.00

On the side, you can see a clasp if you wish to make your own adjustments to the straps or to clip on something else.

LoungeFly Scrooge McDuck Backpack - $80.00

The zippers feature a gold trim and the zipper tag is a golden money bag, which goes perfect with Scrooge’s love of money.

LoungeFly Scrooge McDuck Backpack - $80.00

The inside features a bright red lining and a pocket, perfect for storing all your own money as well.

We’re sure to see these items make their way to Walt Disney World soon, but if you’re on the hunt for more DuckTales merchandise, make sure you head over to DinoLand U.S.A at Animal Kingdom for this vintage t-shirt and more.

What do you think of the latest DuckTales merchandise coming out? Do you like that it’s in the vintage style artwork or do you prefer the more updated look?