PHOTOS: New Jack Skellington Sipper Arrives at Disneyland Park for Halloween Time

Jack the Ripper? No, Jack the Sipper!

The newest sipper to arrive at Disneyland Resort for Halloween Time is this amazing, yet strange Jack Skellington Premium Sipper, which includes your choice of fountain beverage at time of purchase for $22.99.

So here’s the thing about this sipper. He’s tall, he’s lanky, and the drinking mechanism is by far one of the most interesting combinations we’ve ever seen.

The main part of the drinking vessel is his body, with gangly arms and legs, and even a coat tail hanging off the back.

The top part of the sipper pops off for you to refill it, hence that seam right across his chest.

On the back, the actual straw pops out from his jacket as a black square sipper.

You can lift his coattails so you can sit him down or place the sipper on a table.

The beverage cavity. I’m sure washing one of these must be fun.

That straw attaches to the top part for you to sip from once closed.

In any case, this sipper is an absolute masterpiece. He’s simply meant to be… sipped from.

He’s Jack the Souvenir Sipper King now.

If you don’t buy this sipper and take him on a ride through Haunted Mansion Holiday, you’re doing it all wrong.

Only 48 days till Halloween and 103 days till Christmas!