PHOTOS: New Pixar Pals Parking Structure Pedestrian Bridge Now Open at Disneyland Resort

Before you can walk right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A., you’ve gotta walk over from Downtown Disney, but at least now, getting there will be half the adventure with the newly-opened Pixar Pals Parking Structure Pedestrian Bridge at Disneyland Resort.

The bridge traverses over Magic Way, so guests can park, take an elevator to the second level of the Pixar Pals, and then saunter over the bridge safely without having to cross any busy intersections, or wait for a tram. You can see it as you’re driving past to turn into the garage.

The bridge had been staged and installed onto the structure since June, but since then, work has rapidly progressed up to its grand opening today. It looks so shiny and new!

Level 2 will be the new garage hotspot as here is where you can access the bridge. There are elevators and stairs to get you to this level regardless of where you parked, and if you’re not in the mood to schlep yourself and your stuff to Downtown Disney, there’s always the tram station located at the base of the garage.

Signage directs guests towards the parks and Downtown Disney.

A semi-opaque canopy shields pedestrians from the sun and rain as they cross the bridge.

If you’re headed the opposite way, signage points guests towards the two parking garages: Pixar Pals and Mickey & Friends.

The bridge then spills out onto an uncovered walkway that winds back down.

Guests also have the option of taking the stairs, but there is a winding ramp available as well.

Additional lighting will help keep things visible at night.

Here’s a better look at the ramp as it winds down to ground level.

Signage further down along the way points guests back towards the bridge and parking garages, or the tram, as well as over to Disneyland Drive and Magic Way.

From here, you basically continue walking via a wide sidewalk pathway that’s been freshly landscaped.

In case anyone gets lost, there’s still plenty of signage up for all the key location points.

You might even catch a glimpse of the monorail zooming by.

The walkway leads you right over to bag check located by the Pop-Up Disney! exhibit.

“And here’s a spider on a bench” our reporter Ali said. Well, it’s a Bug’s Life.

Overall, between the covered and shaded areas, plus the nice, big, wide sidewalk pathway leading to bag check, it’s an extremely convenient and stress-free option to have. Many who would rather get more steps in or otherwise not have to load or unload onto a tram appreciate having a DIY option that doesn’t require waiting on stop lights or incoming traffic. If you’re driving over to Disneyland Resort and are parking on property, definitely check out the new pedestrian bridge for a breezy walk to the Happiest Place on Earth.