PHOTOS: The Columbia is Sailing the Rivers of America Once Again at Disneyland Park

The Sailing Ship Columbia is back to sailing the Rivers of America and we could not be happier! Over the past few weeks at Disneyland, there have been a few changes to the Rivers of America.

With Fantasmic not being performed at night due to the Halloween Screams show, we see the Mark Twain out later in the day. The only time we were truly able to see The Sailing Ship Columbia moving through the river was during the Fantasmic show, as it has been docked during the day. Today, people were brought onboard the Columbia.

The Sailing Ship Columbia
Waiting for people to board.
Sailing ship Columbia
So happy to see the ship back in The Rivers of America during the day.
Mark Twain Docked
The beautiful Mark Twain is docked and empty.
Canoes Closed Disneyland
As well as the Mark Twain, the Davy Crocket Explorer Canoes were not running today, either.

Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island were still running all day. Make sure you check back soon for more updates!