REVIEW: Anti-Vampire Chicken Pizza at Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta for Halloween Time 2019 at Disney California Adventure

For Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta at Disney California Adventure is serving up a special pizza that will keep those vampires away.

Apparently getting rid of vampires is costly, though. The “Anti-Vampire Pizza” clocks in at $8.99 per slice, and the slices aren’t that big. But considering that the plain cheese slice is $7.49 and the pepperoni slice is $7.99, we’d say the extra dollar is well spent.

Anti Vampire Pizza Boardwalk California Adventure

This pizza is a white pizza with a roasted garlic sauce instead of the traditional tomato sauce.  I love white pizza, and this sauce is really fantastic. It is creamy and the roasted garlic flavor is not overpowering, so it’s a great base for the rest of the toppings. These include marinated chicken, mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, and a sprinkle of shredded smoked gouda cheese. On top of all that, there are some slivered scallions and a tomato-harissa sauce drizzle.

All in all, the flavors work really well together on this pizza. We also thought the crust was fine; not a culinary masterpiece, but not some disappointing theme park pizza crust, either.

You could certainly do better at Disney California Adventure for a counter service meal. But if your traveling party insists on this location, the Anti-Vampire Pizza is the best offering on the menu.