REVIEW: Green Apple Spell Lemonade at Smokejumpers Grill for Halloween Time 2019 in Disney California Adventure

The Green Apple Spell Lemonade is a new Halloween Time offering at Smokejumpers Grill in Disney California Adventure.

Green Apple Spell lemonade

The drink is a standard lemonade with added sour green apple syrup, cherry flavored boba balls, and raspberry syrup.

Overall, we really liked this beverage. The lemonade isn’t overly sweet to start with, so the additional flavorings, which we expected would create a super syrupy-sweet drink, surprisingly didn’t. The sour green apple syrup added a different sort of sour flavor which complemented the lemonade flavor very well. It wasn’t noticeably apple-flavored though, which to us was a pleasant surprise. The raspberry syrup didn’t readily dissolve in the lemonade, so the dripping blood effect lasts for quite a while. The flip side to this phenomenon is that you don’t get any raspberry flavor unless you vigorously stir or swirl the drink. The boba balls were plentiful in our beverage, so we had one with almost every sip of the drink. The cherry boba balls paired well with the sour lemonade, making a refreshing experience.