REVIEW: New Delicium 639 Pizza, Flavus Tropicus Parfait, and Vampire Alien Macaron at Alien Pizza Planet for Halloween Time 2019 at Disneyland Park

It’s Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort so we’re headed to Tomorrowland for some pizza and dessert at Alien Pizza Planet.

Delicium 639 Pizza – ($8.99)

We wanted to not like this pizza, but actually ended up finishing the whole thing. It doesn’t look like much, but boy is it tasty. We don’t like olives, but those were easily picked off to leave a meat/pesto/pizza extravaganza. For $9.00, you can likely find something more filling elsewhere, but this was a solid slice of pizza that was heavy on the meats. The pesto was delicious and really tied the whole thing together. So if you are looking for something quick in the area, consider this for a hearty, meaty meal.

Flavus Tropicus Parfait – ($6.99)

As the menu states, this is exactly what is says: a parfait of pound cake, caramel pot de creme, butter struesel, and pineapple mousse with raspberry sauce and a crushed pineapple topping. Fruit lovers rejoice, as this was good. The portion was huge and easily shared. This tasted like a tropical paradise in the bowl. Each of the fruit flavors paired well with each other and nothing was overpowering. If anything, this was a bit pineapple-forward, but it wasn’t too sweet, and was great on a hot day.

Vampire Alien Macaron – ($5.99)

How cute is this guy?

Be sure to swing by the cash registers here to pick up this macaron. His interior has a bit of a blue raspberry taste and of course, it is a sugary mess, but he’s worth it.

His ears and antenna are coated in chocolate and the outer shell flakes apart nicely. Be sure to give this a chance if only for the pictures! Which of these will you be trying on your next trip to Disneyland?