REVIEW: New Frog’s Breath Cocktail at Gourmet Coffee Cart for Halloween Time 2019 at Disney California Adventure

The spell is cast and it’s time to get your snack on at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Today marks the start of Halloween Time at the resort and of course DCA is bringing the boozy concoctions. At the Gourmet Coffee Cart near Pacific Wharf you can grab yourself frozen alcoholic treat in case the other offerings at Hollywood Lounge weren’t enough.

Frog’s Breath – $13.00

Oddly enough, this was only drink listed in the pamphlet that contains alcohol that doesn’t list that in small letters after it. So be warned, as this has some booze.

Most of the alcohol settled on the top, too, so make sure to give this a good stir before sipping. The candy on top was Nerds (not sure what those have to do with a frog…) but they sort of dissolve into the drink anyway. This drink was a bit sweet, but not overly sweet like some of the other ones. We couldn’t taste raspberry or coconut, but rather just boozy lime, which isn’t a bad thing.

We can appreciate the attempt to make this look a bit bloody and spooky. For $13 though, you can probably find a better alcoholic drink somewhere on property, but we did enjoy this on a hot day. Give it a shot, especially if you are a fan of lime or slush!