REVIEW: New Lamb Kofta at Bengal Barbecue for Halloween Time 2019 at Disneyland Park

Halloween Time is finally here at Disneyland Resort and what better way to celebrate than with a bunch of food? Per usual, some are better than others. Bengal Barbeque is getting in the spirit with the lamb kofta. You wouldn’t know it when you walk up there, as it isn’t listed anywhere on the menu, but it does appear on in the mobile order options. Let’s take a bite and see how it tastes.

Lamb Kofta – $11.99

Yup. This is how it was served. Not the most appetizing looking meal.

We have pita, a slab of lamb burger, some spinach, onions and sauce. The outer rim of the pita was a bit too charred to eat. The lamb patty itself had good flavor, but had the consistency of a well-done burger.

The sauce was flavorful and the spinach and onions gave it some needed crunch, but if you do not like the gamey aftertaste of lamb, you can skip this. For $12 you can find something more satisfying in the park. Lamb lovers would likely enjoy this, but otherwise, this is a pass. What food are you most interested to try?