REVIEW: New Minnie Witch Shake, PB&J Mummy Cronut, and Caramel Apple Smoothie at Schmoozies for Halloween Time 2019 in Disney California Adventure

Schmoozies, located in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure, is offering three specialty items for Halloween Time now through October 31st.

Minnie Witch Shake ($7.49)

This is similar to the other cookies ‘n’ cream shakes they’ve had here all year. There’s a nice, subtle minty note throughout the shake, which also has a good consistency. It’s a quality shake for the money, especially considering that the Mummy Donut is a whopping $8.99 this year.

It’s cutely decorated with the chocolate Minnie bow and purple whipped cream. Do keep in mind that purple whipped cream on top has a bit of a chemical taste to it due to the tons of coloring. The actual shake is delicious, though, if you like minty cookies ‘n’ cream. Think of this as a Thin Mint in shake form.

Mummy Donut ($8.99)

Presented here with last year’s whoopie pie ice cream sandwich, which is not available this year.

A croissant doughnut with peanut butter and jelly filling, this is large enough for a small family to share, although a bit expensive this year at $8.99. The peanut butter and jelly filling puts this thing over the edge as the base of it is already a flaky and delicious “cronut”. This is seriously one of my favorite park treats I have had in my entire life, and any peanut butter & jelly fan will likely feel the same.

One thing I will say is that the filling can be inconsistent. We’ve had a few of these and they are either filled to the brim with PB&J or there are large pockets without it. Either way, you should still get one.

Caramel Apple Smoothie ($6.99)

It is what it is titled, a smoothie flavored like a caramel apple, but the flavor has been distinctly altered from last year. While light on the caramel, it now has a more artificial apple flavor that isn’t all that enjoyable. If they go back to the old recipe, I’d get this again, but the current version is a big letdown. Luckily, everything else here for Halloween Time is not.

These 3 items are available at Schmoozies in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure during Halloween Time, now through October 31st, 2019.