REVIEW: New Monster 129 Tacos and Eerie Elixir with Purple Poison Apple Glow Cube at Studio Catering Co. for Halloween Time 2019 in Disney California Adventure

The spell is cast and it’s time to get your snack on at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Today marks the start of Halloween Time at the resort, and what’s any holiday at Disneyland Resort without specialty foods? Over at Studio Catering Co., you can find the new Monster 129 Tacos and the Eerie Elixir! Top if all off with a Poison Apple Glow Cube and you’ve got yourself a perfectly spooky meal.

Eerie Elixir – $10.49

Green Apple Slush with Poison Purple Glow Cube

The Eerie Elixir is probably named that because it causes a green apple-flavored sugar rush. I can appreciate a slush on a hot day, but there’s just so much sugar in this. If you don’t like the strong taste of green apple or to have your body literally tingle from all the sugar, don’t get this. We do, however, like that it comes with the glow cube, which you can also buy separately for $4.99.

Poison Purple Glow Cube – $4.99

Monster 129 Tacos – $7.47

Pork Belly Tacos with Kimchi Slaw, Korean BBQ Sauce, and Sriracha Crema

These tacos were great! They’re spicy, but so good.

The pork belly was cooked down enough to the point that it wasn’t too fatty. The slaw had a good spiciness to it too, but it added some much-needed crunch, freshness, and flavor. We’d definitely get these again, especially given the price. We did a double take when we realized that two tacos were actually less than the drink!