REVIEW: New Spiked Hard Apple Cider Float at Clarabelle’s for Halloween Time 2019 at Disney California Adventure

The spell is cast and it’s time to get your snack onat Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Today marks the start of Halloween Time at the resort, and what’s any holiday at Disneyland Resort without specialty drinks and desserts from Clarabelle’s?

New at Clarabelle’s is the Spiked Hard Apple Cider float. We weren’t able to get it yesterday due to supply issues, but the wait was worth it.

Spiked Hard Apple Float ($15.50)

The cider was light and refreshing while the apple sorbet was hard as a rock. It’s probably better when it’s hotter and can melt into it quicker, but the melted results made it all like an apple slush.

The caramel reminds of the caramel on candied green apples, with a very sticky consistency, but overall, it’s very good.

We loved the flavors here, and it’s a great boozy treat. Definitely pass by Clarabelle’s and give this a try.