Cast Members Now Allowed Necklaces and Longer Beards with Updated “Disney Look” Appearance Standards at Parks and Resorts

Since the very start of the company, Disney has upheld very strict appearance standards for its staff, known as cast members, regardless of what position they held. This came to be known as the “Disney Look”, which upheld that all cast members should have a “friendly, classic appearance” devoid of any extreme styles. In fact, here’s a blurb from the Disney Careers page:

At Disney Parks and Resorts, we’ve become famous for our friendly, classic appearance. This look is not a coincidence, but a result of our cast members’ support of the Appearance Standards, or as we call it, the Disney Look.

The Disney Look is a classic look that is clean, natural, polished and professional, and avoids “cutting edge” trends or extreme styles. It is designed with our costumed and non-costumed cast members in mind. Our themed costumed cast members are a critical part of enhancing the experience of our Disney show, and our non-costumed cast members also play an important role as representatives of the Disney brand. Regardless of the position you hold with us, when you take pride in your appearance, you become a role model for those around you, and you convey the attitude of excellence that has become synonymous with the Disney name.

Now it appears that these rules may be becoming more lax to accommodate for more modern styles.

Starting October 28th, cast members will now be able to wear a single bracelet and a single necklace. Previously, necklaces and bracelets were not permitted, with cast members only having the option to wear rings, earrings, and a classic business-style wristwatch.

Cast members looking to grow their facial hair can now do so up to an inch, with visible stubble now allowed during the grow-out process. Previous rules stated that facial hair was limited to a quarter inch, and beard growth had to be done while the employee was on vacation. Back in the ’50s, all cast members had to be clean shaven.

How do you feel about these new changes? Is the classic “Disney Look” part of your parks and resorts experience, or should the rules be updated to accomodate more modern styles? Let us know in the comments!