FuelRod Kiosks to Charge $3 Swapping Fee at Disneyland Resort Starting November 1st

Just as FuelRod charger swapping fees were rolled out at Walt Disney World today, it appears the popular portable batteries will also have fees at Disneyland. We noticed something was up once kiosks began changing out their “Free Unlimited Swapping” signage for just “Swappable”, but weren’t sure if that was merely a change in phrasing. In fact, the first place we spotted the change in signage was in Disneyland:

A FuelRod kiosk in Disneyland Park. (Image Credit: @Hastin on Twitter)

Since then, new signage across Walt Disney World has revealed that portable battery swapping at FuelRod kiosks will cost $3 starting on November 1st, 2019.

However, the Portable Phone Charging Systems Kiosks page on the Disneyland Resort website has also since been updated to reflect the upcharge: “Starting November 1, a $3 fee per swap will apply.”

Since their arrival at Disney Parks, park guests have turned to countless trusted FuelRod kiosks for their first $30 FuelRod starter kit and enjoyed years of unlimited, free swapping once the battery ran out. In fact, the Disney Parks were one of the few remaining places where people could swap their FuelRods for free.

Many airports and other tourist destinations, including theme parks like Universal, charge a nominal fee to swap your FuelRod. However, this change in policy for free swaps at Disney Parks is sure to be a major adjustment for many guests who rely on FuelRods to keep their devices charged during their day.

Will you continue to use FuelRod kiosks now that there are swapping fees? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Well that’s a bummer. And now will limit my use of their app and play app while in the park. I won’t be swapping my fuel rod

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