PHOTOS: New Centralized FastPass Touchscreen Kiosks Installed in Tomorrowland at Disneyland

Disney is preparing to test a new method for obtaining Fastpasses at Disneyland.

Currently, guests have the option to pay $15 to purchase MaxPass to make Fastpass reservations on the Disneyland App or to scan their ticket at the Fastpass kiosk by the attraction for free.

With this new method, individual kiosks by the attractions would be phased out in favor of centralized touch screen kiosks for multiple attractions. In lieu of printed paper Fastpasses, guests will then have to link their tickets to the Disneyland App to view their Fastpass reservations.

Ahead of testing, which begins on October 15th, the new centralized FastPass kiosks have been installed in Tomorrowland, just outside the Tomorrowland Theater (to the right of Space Mountain.)

They’ve been covered for now, but the kiosks feature a small slot for you to scan and link your phone or ticket, plus physical buttons in addition to the touchscreens.