PHOTOS: New Holiday Inspired Minnie Ears Jingle All the Way to Disneyland Resort

Christmas time is slowly making its way into the Disneyland Resort this year, starting with new merchandise. Three different holiday ears are each available for $29.99 at World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District. The prices of ears may have increased, but that is not stopping people from buying these holiday headbands.

Take a look at the new designs!

“Candy Cane Cutie” Minnie Ears

peppermint ears

These ears are made out of sequin red and white peppermint candies and topped with a green sequin bow. These ears dazzle in the light and are perfect for anyone wanting to pull off that traditional green and red Christmas look.

peppermint ears

The side of the ears read “Candy Cane Cutie” embroidered in green and white font.

Minnie and Mickey Gingerbread Candy Ears

gingerbread ears

These brown holiday ears present Mickey and Minnie as gingerbread sweets. They have a bright shiny red bow that match the inside of the headband’s rim.

Minnie Flannel Ear Headband

flannel ears

If you’re looking for a cozy accessory this year, then these are the ears for you. The soft inside of the rim, with matching bow material makes for the perfect Christmas look.

The new holiday ears are just a small part of all the Christmas merchandise coming to the Disneyland Resort this season. Keep checking back for more posts! Will you be taking home of these new designs?