PHOTOS: New Legacy Disney Characters Ornament Set Available Now at Disney Parks

A new set of legacy ornaments for some of your favorite Disney characters has made its way into Disney Parks. According to Cast Members, there will be a total of 10 ornaments in the set, but only five were available when we checked this morning. Let’s take a look!

Little Mermaid Legacy Ornament – $21.99

Celebrating 30 years of The Little Mermaid, this ornament features Ariel and Prince Eric in the signature rowboat with Flounder and Sebastian nearby.

Lion King Legacy Ornament – $21.99

For 25 years, this Lion King ornament features Simba and Zazu peaking out through the foliage on the back of the ornament.

Mary Poppins Legacy Ornament – $21.99

55 years on, this snow globe inspired Mary Poppins ornament features Mary Poppins and Bert enjoying a stroll.

Mr. Toad Legacy Ornament – $21.99

70 years of Mr. Toad is celebrated with the signature toad himself proudly standing tall.

Donald Duck Club Ornament – $21.99

Mickey Mouse Club who? 85 years of Donald Duck is celebrated with this neat two-tone ornament that shows the evolution of the duck himself.

These ornaments are part of the $20.00 each when you buy three special, so that is a good way to save money if you enjoy the collection as much as we do.