REVIEW: New Rainbow Bread Pudding at Pacific Wharf Cafe in Disney California Adventure

Disneyland Resort is celebrating Gay Days with a variety of limited time rainbow pride offerings from October 4-6th. Pacific Wharf Cafe has a rainbow bread pudding that is Instagram worthy on the outside, but falls flat on the inside.

Rainbow Bread Pudding – $5.39

On the outside it is perfect. The birthday cake colored bread pudding looks enticing. The whipped cream topped is bedazzled with rainbow sprinkles and what we can only assume was edible glitter.

Sadly, this was not good. The texture was odd. It was light, but had a weird graininess to it (maybe the glitter wasn’t edible…) The flavor can only be described as, well… no flavor. It did not taste of anything. Not birthday cake, not berry, nothing. It was weird.

We wanted to like this, but just couldn’t. If you are craving bread pudding, stick to the maple bacon offering. Which rainbow food are you most excited to try? Let us know if you had this and liked it.