REVIEW: New Rainbow Funnel Cake Fries at Award Wieners in Disney California Adventure

From October 4-6 Disneyland Resort is helping celebrate Gay Days with a variety of rainbow pride inspired merchandise and food. Swing by Award Wieners for these limited edition funnel cake fries with a fun rainbow twist.

Rainbow Funnel Cake Fries – $8.99

We didn’t love the Halloween funnel cake fries offering as it was far too sweet but these were not overdone and were a colorful adventure in funnel cake fries. Clearly Fruity Pebble Cereal is the theme here to add some rainbow color as well as a healthy dose of colored icing.

Just look how pretty these are. You will get a lot of looks carrying these to a table. Be sure to grab a fork.

The funnel cake fries are fried to perfection. Light and crispy without being too heavy.

They also get a dusting of rainbow.

The whipped cream on top is generous and we found we liked the fries simple with minimal frosting but you can easily control your whipped cream distribution.

The very bright icing will die your hands and your teeth for a bit so be sure to get plenty of napkins. Overall this was probably our favorite rainbow inspired dessert of the day. These are only available through October 6th so be sure to grab them quick!