REVIEW: New Rainbow Rock Shake at Schmoozies at Disney California Adventure

From October 4-6 Disneyland Resort is helping celebrate Gay Days with a variety of rainbow pride inspired merchandise and food. Schmoozies at Disney California Adventure got in the spirit with a “Rainbow Rock Shake”.

Rainbow Rock Shake – $7.49

We are always excited when Schmoozies rolls out a new shake. The Halloween mint shake is still available as well but if you want a fruity twist, give this a try.

Yes that is a delicious vanilla based shake with Fruity Pebble Cereal blended in. And it is everything you want it to be. Oddly not oversweet, the portion is huge for the price and decorated like a masterpiece.

Just look at all those delicious chunks of Fruity Pebbles. Obviously if you are not a fan of the cereal you can skip this. But it is a fun twist on a classic shake.

This was easily sipped with a paper straw or grab a spoon to mix in all the fun.

Be sure to grab this quick as it goes away after October 6!