REVIEW: New Rainbow Specialty Drink at Paradise Pier Hotel in Disneyland Resort

In honor of Gay Days, Disneyland Resort has a variety of rainbow pride themed food and drinks for the weekend. Paradise Pier Hotel also got into the spirit with a Rainbow Specialty Drink. This drink is available at PCH Grill, Surfside Lounge and The Sand Bar. We opted for The Sand Bar, because who doesn’t like a sunset view with their coconut drink?

Rainbow Specialty Beverage – $14.00

Thankfully, this isn’t the typical Disney syrup slush drink filled with sugar. It is, however, on the sweet side and very coconut-heavy.

The drink is made from scratch, which is a nice touch, but if you do not like coconut, you can skip this. The finish of the Zico coconut water and pina coloda mix takes this over the top on coconut. While we didn’t not like this, it just wasn’t our favorite. Guests already at the hotel may enjoy this extra option.

Once the red and blue mix together, the rainbow goes away for a bit of a purple situation, but it still tastes good.

All the rainbow pride specialty food is only available through October 6th, so be sure to swing by Disneyland quick to try these offerings.