INTERVIEW: How Artist L.Dre Made Disneyland His Own Beat Machine for “Up”-Themed Viral Remix Track

Lots of people go to Disney parks to have fun, but how many go to make music? Recently, music producer L.Dre made a splash online when he sampled sound elements recorded throughout Disneyland and used them to create a soulful remix of the beloved tune “Married Life” from Disney Pixar’s “Up” film.

Check out his process below…

L.Dre was kind enough to chat with us about his love of Disney and music producing process.

WDWNT: When did you first come up with the idea of creating beats using effects from Disneyland?

L.Dre: I am always trying to push myself to be more creative and I’ve seen lots of videos where producers go places and make beats out of random sounds, so once my mom said she wanted to go to Disneyland for her birthday, the idea came to me.

WDWNT: Have you always been a big Disney Parks fan?

L.Dre: Yes. Disney has been a huge part of my family’s life. We have had the park passes since before I was old enough to pay for my own! I’d definitely say we are a Disney family.

WDWNT: What was the process like deciding what you should sample in the parks? Were there certain sounds you knew you wanted going in? Any challenges?

L.Dre: I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew I wanted to use a trash can as a snare. I wanted to find sounds in somewhat quiet areas, which was difficult because music plays all around the park. But I was able to isolate a few sounds as well as incorporate the actual atmosphere noise of Disneyland to give it a more authentic feel.

WDWNT: Why did you choose the song “Married Life” from Up? Do you have a love for the movie?

L.Dre: I chose “Married Life” because 1. It’s my mom’s favorite movie and we were celebrating her birthday, and 2. I absolutely love how emotional that piano is. It’s really sad, but happy at the same time… I can’t really explain it.

WDWNT: With the response you’ve gotten, any chance for a full Disney remix album using beats from the park?

L.Dre: The response for this has been so crazy and unexpected that I might have to do that! One of my goals is to do a like a Disneyland world tour and visit all the Disney parks making beats along the way while documenting the process!

Make sure to check out L.Dre’s full remix of “Married Life” below and visit his website for more great music!