PHOTOS: New Mickey Mouse Globe Structure Added to Mickey & Friends Parking at Disneyland Resort

Between the new Pixar Pals Parking structure, tram loop, and the opening of the long-anticipated pedestrian bridge, the arrival experience for guests driving to Disneyland has vastly improved over the past few months. Today, a fun new sculpture was added to the promenade featuring none other than the main Mouse himself.

The large, glossy sphere of Mickey Mouse sits atop a pedestal currently surrounded by fence and scrim. Once the inner area is filled in with landscaping, we’re sure fencing will come down for the official reveal.

Off in the distance, you can see the Luxo Ball that premiered with the opening of the new Pixar Pals Parking structure. Now you’ll know exactly which structure you’re headed into, thanks to these larger-than-life globe sculptures. The Mickey & Friends Parking structure also received updated signs recently.


Additional wayfinding signage is located near the globe.

Additional flooring and brickwork is still ongoing near the escalators.

Here’s a photo of the globe sculpture for scale––you really can’t miss it!

Here’s a look at the Luxo Ball globe that was completed earlier in the year. Now each parking structure has its very own respective icon.

What do you think of this new Mickey Mouse globe structure? Is it an obnoxious addition or a touch of extra character? Let us know in the comments!