REVIEW: Apple Pie Funnel Cake at Stage Door Cafe for the 2019 Holiday Season at Disneyland

During the 2019 Halloween season, Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland released an Apple Pie Funnel Cake. It must’ve gone over well because a special Holiday themed Apple Pie Funnel Cake has now arrived!

Apple Pie Funnel Cake – $8.99

This Funnel Cake has cajeta, whipped cream, and a streusel topping, along with festive red and green sprinkles.

We found this funnel cake to be delicious! The apple pie filling was similar to that of it’s Halloween predecessor, but that’s not a bad thing. The filling was sweet, but not too sweet where it would’ve make us sick to finish it. The entire cake tasted like a warm apple pie, with a crunch from the crispy fried funnel cake. The streusel added some variety in taste for the dish. We certaintly enjoyed this snack and would definitely get it again.

There are ton of special Holiday treats around the Disneyland Resort right now, but we recommend adding this one to your list!