REVIEW: Chicken Mole, Caldo de Pollo, Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich, Frozen Abuelita Horchata and Champurrado at Rancho del Zocalo – Holidays 2019 at Disneyland Park

Some new items have dropped at Rancho del Zocalo for the holidays and thankfully a few of our favorite desserts have stuck around! But will the new chicken mole, champurrado and caldo de pollo live up the pan dulce ice cream sandwich and frozen Abuelita horchata? Keep reading for our review!

Chicken Mole – $15.49

Seasoned Half Chicken topped with Mole, drizzled with Sour Cream and sprinkled with Toasted Sesame Seeds, served with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans.

The portion is very generous. You get an entire half a chicken with sides and tortillas. We also loved the mole and sour cream drizzle that look a bit like a zebra.

The rice and beans aren’t anything special, but are nice to have in case you want to add them to your tortilla. The chicken itself was moist and the mole sauce was delicious. It had a rich texture and just a hint of spice.

The mole tasted like your abuela had been simmering it all day. There is a velvety texture to it and tastes of chipotle and chili, but isn’t too spicy. There is a slight kick, but the mix of spices rounds out the flavor to make this a great choice. We also appreciate that you get both light and dark meat chicken so even if you split this, everyone in your party should be happy.

Caldo de Pollo – $5.99

Hearty Soup of Chicken, Vegetables and Rice served with Onions, Cilantro and Lime.

This $6 bowl of soup is more than your money’s worth. It is loaded with chicken and vegetables. The broth tastes like a really good chicken noodle soup stock and the chicken is tender and also tastes like it has been cooking in stock all day.

If you dig a bit, you’ll find even more vegetables like corn, carrots and potatoes.

All of the vegetables were tender and well cooked. The corn was also good and fun to remove and nibble on. The soup reminded us a very hearty chicken noodle soup with a bit of a Mexican twist with the onions and cilantro with a hint of acid from the lime.

While this may not be the most desirable dish in hot weather, as temps cool off, this is a great option if you want something lighter or healthier.

Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich – $7.99

Colorful shell-like Mexican Sweet Bread with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, Cajeta and Churro Streusel. This favorite from Halloween Time is staying for the holidays and we are thrilled!

Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich - $7.99
Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich – $7.99
Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich - $7.99
Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich – $7.99

The Pan Dulce was incredible. The concha bread is super soft and pairs well with the ice cream. The Dulce de Leche ice cream is rich and velvety and the churro streusel adds enough crunch and texture to make this an almost perfect dessert. It’s the largest dessert offered here and is plenty big enough to share with others.

Frozen Abuelita Horchata – $5.99

Layered Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate and Frozen Horchata topped with Spiced Whipped Cream.

Frozen Abuelita® Horchata - $5.99
Frozen Abuelita® Horchata – $5.99

The Horchata is great and has a subtle chocolate flavor in this milkshake-like dessert. The chocolate flavoring, although subtle, balances well with the spiciness. Even people who aren’t a fan of this traditional drink will like this take on it.

Champurrado – $4.99

Rich traditional style Mexican Hot Chocolate served with Cinnamon Sugar Churros.

For only $4.99 we were very impressed with this dessert. You get a huge steaming cup of Mexican style hot chocolate and 5 mini churro bites to dip into it. We felt that the hot chocolate from here was creamier than the one in DCA and really enjoyed the frothy texture. There is the backdrop of cinnamon, but it is very subtle and was the perfect companion for the churro bites.

The churro bites are dusted in sugar and cinnamon and are light and crispy. These are as good as the traditional churros you’ll find all over the park.

You can dip these adorable little churro bites into the chocolate for the perfect bite.

These items are only available from November 8th, 2019 through January 6th, 2020, so head off to Disneyland Park soon to try them out! And if your mission is to find more holiday food items around Disneyland Park, be sure to check out our complete listing here!

Do any of these items send you over the border? Let us know in the comments below, and keep reading WDWNT and Disneyland News Today for our coverage of the holidays at Disneyland Park!