REVIEW: Delicious Hot Chocolate Beignets at Cafe Orleans – Holidays 2019 at Disneyland Park

In true festive New Orleans style, Cafe Orleans is offering up some amazing hot chocolate inspired beignets to fulfill all your holiday wishes. You’ll need a reservation to get in here or feel free to try your luck waiting. We went early in the day without a reservation and got seated in about 10 minutes.

Hot Chocolate Beignets – $10.00

These beautiful Mickey-shaped beignets come out pipping out served with marshmallow whipped cream and warm hot chocolate sauce. The beignets themselves are dusted in chocolate powder and are amazing; well worth the time to sit down and get them.

Our order came with 4 beignets, so this dessert can easily be split with a larger party (although you may not want to).

We poured the velvety chocolate sauce directly onto our beignets, which did make the powder solidify a bit, but that was quickly overlooked when we tasted them.

Be sure that every bite is dripping in sauce for maximum chocolate flavor. These are on the sweet side, but the marshmallow whipped cream helps cut the rich chocolate flavor. The beignet itself is light and airy, so this wasn’t a heavy dessert. The marshmallow whipped cream is a bit thicker than the standard whipped cream served but it needs that to stand up to the heat so that it doesn’t melt.

One tiny nitpicky point was that our bottom two beignets were not completely covered in chocolate powder and the sauce doesn’t stick to the top as well. This is easily solved by cutting off a piece and dipping it into the pool of chocolately goodness on the bottom of your plate.

But if you pour some extra sauce on these bare ears, it’ll also be okay.

Do yourself a favor and make time to give these a try before they are gone. And for only $10 for 4 beignets, it is well worth the price. One of the best desserts we’ve had at Disneyland Resort!

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