REVIEW: Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Warms Up The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland

There’s so many yummy treats at Disneyland to try this holiday season, and we’ve been making our way around the park, snacking on them all. During our time in Frontierland, at The Golden Horseshoe, we found a Holiday Ice Cream Sandwhich. The photos certainly look festive enough, so let’s dig in!

Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich – $7.99

For $7.99, you certainly can’t complain about the price as the serving for these sandwiches is huge. However, there were some issues with this dish. We found the cookies, while pretty, to not have much flavor, but they were soft. Also, this “sandwich” couldn’t really be eaten as one, as it created a huge mess and started falling apart on us.

The ice cream inside the sandwich is a butter pecan and it was amazing. Easily, our favorite part of the whole thing.

As a special treat, we probably won’t be getting this dessert again as there are too many other good options . However, if The Golden Horseshoe happened to add this dessert to their regular menu, we wouldn’t complain. If you happen to love butter pecan ice cream, then this may be worth a shot for you.