REVIEW: Holly Cherry Holiday Punch and “Christmas on the Beach” Beer at Sonoma Terrace for Festival of Holidays 2019 at Disney California Adventure

It’s the most delicious time of year again at Disney California Adventure with the return of Disney Festival of Holidays for 2019. We’re over at Sonoma Terrace, a participating restaurant for the festival. Here, they have two delicious beverages, with a festive non-alcoholic option, to boot. Let’s toast to Christmas!

Sonoma Terrace for Festival of Holidays 2019 – Menu

Sonoma Terrace for Festival of Holidays 2019 – Beverages

We got both the punch and the beer to try here.

Given that booths for Festival of Holidays have currently only soft opened, there was a bit of uncertainty regarding pricing for these new items. However, the cast members at this booth were nice enough to give us a free pretzel for our time. Now that’s what we call spreading holiday cheer.

Holly Cherry Holiday Punch – $4.99

The Holiday Punch is a cheery red color, topped with a fresh sprig of mint and a maraschino cherry.

For a non-alcoholic punch, this was great. It was fruity and refreshing, and not too sweet.

I know the whole point in this is for it to be a non-alcoholic option, but to be honest, this would be great with rum or vodka. It tastes exactly like cranberry and pineapple juice mixed together, but in a good way.

We’d definitely get this again.

“Christmas on the Beach” (Lost Winds Brewing Company) – $11.00

The best way we’d describe this beer is that it tastes like a good Christmas beer. It’s refreshing, and while being on the darker side, it isn’t too heavy. We couldn’t taste any of the cinnamon or vanilla notes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Also, if you hate hoppy beers, you’ll love this, as it was not hoppy at all. It’s a fun addition for the holidays, and we recommend you stop by if you’re in the mood for beer.