REVIEW: New Apple Fritter Bread Pudding and Plant-Based Pumpkin Soup at Pacific Wharf Cafe for Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2019

The Festival of Holidays are in full swing at Disney California Adventure. The Pacific Wharf Cafe is participating with two offerings; a savory pumpkin soup and an apple fritter bread pudding.

Apple Fritter Bread Pudding – $5.99

We’ve had quite a few bread puddings over the past year from here, and luckily this one is good. It was not too sweet and the outside had a crispy crust for texture while the inside was moist and flavorful. No flavor was too overpowering. The cinnamon worked with the apples, which worked with the caramel.

The chunks of bread are fairly large, so a knife will be helpful.

We would definitely get this again.

Pumpkin Soup – $11.49

Who doesn’t love a warm soup in a delicious sourdough bread bowl? The soup is plant-based, so vegans have another hearty option over the holidays.

You can ask for the toppings on the side, but we felt this soup needed a bit of texture. The flavor is not one that is easy to describe. It does not taste like pumpkin, and has a very thick consistency. It was almost like a very mild coconut curry mixed with sweet potato. None of us were huge fans, but if you like coconut or are looking for a vegan option, this would be worth a try. The bread bowl is, of course, delicious.

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