REVIEW: Smothered Beef, Wedding Cake and Blue Velvet Cheesecake at French Market Restaurant – Holidays 2019 at Disneyland Park

The holidays are in full swing around Disneyland and that always means a bunch of fun new food. This year the French Market Restaurant has one new seasonal item, smothered beef and is continuing to offer two desserts from the Haunted Mansion 50th; the wedding cake and the blue velvet cheesecake. Luckily these were two of our favorites so we were thrilled they stuck around.

Yes they full on left the Halloween Time sign up. We have a collision of holidays and we are okay with it.

These beauties still looks as good as ever and we highly recomment either. You can even still grab a Jack Skellington sipper!

The Hitchhiking Ghost Blue Velvet Cake – $7.99

Sliders Materialize and "Hitchhiking" Ghost Blue Velvet Cake Trio Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary River Belle Terrace Disneyland

Presentation-wise, this dessert is perfection. All three Hitchhiking Ghosts sit in their own doom buggies! The blue velvet cake is soft and moist, with cheesecake hiding in the base of each doom buggy. It’s topped with blueberries for the perfect flavor combination. This is one of those seasonal items you’ll think about every time you come back, wishing it was still there. We highly recommend this dessert.

The Wedding Cake – $7.99

The Wedding Cake French Market Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Disneyland

This is a soft, perfectly baked cake. And the strawberry cream cheese icing is pretty fantastic. This cake is composed of buttercream frosting, cherries, cream cheese filling and finished with a splatter of cherry sauce. It’s designed to look like a wedding cake splattered with blood and we imagine Constance Hatchaway would be very pleased by this.

Smothered Beef – $16.49

Ours may not have been as glistening as the picture but we have to say this may be our new favorite meal in the park. The serving in big enough to share as you get two sizeable chunks of beef. The mashed potatoes are decent and the gravy helps add some flavor. The only part the fell a bit flat was the corn. It was overcooked and covered in a green basil pesto.

There are also a few random chunks of cauliflower which we were okay with, just not sure where they came from.

The beef was excellent and easily forks apart. It reminded us of a Sunday pot roast dinner.

Our corn was overcooked and the basil pesto was a bit of a strange flavor to go with the rest of the meal but we’d guess you can ask them to leave that off.

Overall the French Market Restaurant has three terrific offerings for the Holidays and we would recommend them all.

You should hurry to Disneyland Park if you want to try these items, as they’re only on our planet from November 8th, 2019 to January 6th, 2020. Of course, if this inspires you to seek out other new offerings, check out our complete listings of every holiday item at Disneyland Park here!

Are you happy the spooky desserts are still around?  Let us know in the comments, and keep reading WDWNT and Disneyland News Today for continuing coverage of the holidays at Disneyland Park!